Building Web Platform’s Infrastructure

For the initial launch of Web Platform, we decided to go for an alpha release with a small and concrete set of platform goals. We used open source software, and we kept the initial set of applications small, to focus on preparing them to handle the initial launch load.

Applications targeted

The initial set of applications targeted were those that launched with the alpha: MediaWiki (docs), WordPress (blog),  Piwik (stats), Question2Answer (talk/forums), qwebirc (talk/chat), and LumberJack (chat logging). The first four are PHP applications, qwebirc is Python, and LumberJack is Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

Scaling targets

Our upper-bound targets for launch day were:

  • 100,000 visitors
  • 200 anonymous requests per second
  • 10 logged-in requests per second.

Our use case assumes 95+% of requests will be reads.

We wanted to be well-prepared for whatever the Internet would throw at us.

Launch statistics

Our actual statistics for the launch day were:

  • 86,000 visitors
  • 720,000 page views
  • 300 requests per second during the US peak
  • 350 requests per second during the Europe peak.

Our application servers combined CPU load was steady between 10-20%. Memory usage was steady between 20-30%. Database wait-io (the only statistic that really showed a blip) was between 5-10%. The storage servers showed no statistics worth mentioning.

Here’s how we managed this…

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