Web Platform Wednesday, Week 12: Emphasizing text properties

This week, we’re putting an emphasis on text properties. That’s right: text-emphasis, text-emphasis-color, and text-emphasis-style. We also want to cover some text decoration properties. Learn how to fine-tune your text while contributing to Web Platform Docs.

We’re coming to the end game for this project. We’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure the properties pages are looking good. You may see some slight changes to the pages as you’re editing them. For example, we’re adding an infographic to the top of the page to make it easy for the user to identify the status of a spec. If you notice some of these changes, and you want to provide feedback, please email the public list with your comments.

It’s Summer, we know. But we have one contributor who is working from the beach with the sun, the surf, the kids, the beach balls and Web Platform Docs! You can pick a task, such as Basic facts, Explanatory text, Examples or Links, and do it while you’re taking a break from the sun under that umbrella. Cool off while earning that fire starter badge.

To view a full list of all properties we will be covering this week, head over to the WPW page, pick one or more properties you find interesting. Then contact the coordinators through the #webplatform IRC Channel or on the public email list to ensure you won’t be doing duplicate work. There is always someone willing to help, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions, problems, feedback or just want to tell us what you did on your summer vacation!

Web Platform Wednesday, Week 11: backgrounds, borders and transforms

From the simple to the advanced, CSS has a lot of effects to offer with a little bit of code. This week we’re documenting background, border, and transform properties. And looking around, there’s a lot of great advice and tools out there.

For instance, did you know there’s a site out there just to help you create a border radius? The site’s name? border-radius.com, of course. And at the other end of the spectrum, Mike Sierra’s article on CSS transforms takes a deck of cards and shuffles them every which way.

Shay Howe also has a straightforward transforms tutorial that takes you from the basics to a 3D cube demo, before you even know how far you’ve gone. And then there’s the hoedown with backgrounds from Rob Fletcher, who shows out to do CSS background transformations the right way. While you’re at it, check out Chris Coyer’s introduction to animation.

With so much help from such a creative community, it’s really fun to beef up the reference pages for these properties. Head on over to the Web Platform Wednesday page and see where you can lend your creativity. If you find any properties you want to work on, or have questions about, come and chat with the co-ordinators in the #webplatform IRC Channel or via email on the mailing list, as there is always someone who will be happy to help.

Web Platform Wednesday, Week 10: Animation & Masking

This week’s Web Platform Wednesday has a theme that every CSS geek will find exciting and many have been waiting for: Animations and Masking!

CSS Animations need no introductions for many of you. They are a pretty stable feature that allows designers to create anything ranging from simple transitions or incredibly complex animation effects, bringing websites into the 4th dimension.

CSS Masking is much newer and has less browser support, but it’s not any less exciting: It will allow authors to crop any CSS element in any possible shape, defined through images. Until now we could only do that in SVG, but CSS Masking will bring this to the world of HTML content as well, opening up a wide range of possibilities. Since CSS Masking is new, there is not much documentation material around it. So, if you help with those properties, you will be one of the first few people documenting this. If you like exploring new territory, this is for you!

Don’t worry if you don’t have much time in your hands, you don’t need to write an entire page to help. You can help to complete subsections of a page, such as Basic facts, Explanatory text, Examples or Links and get credit for the sections you helped on. Also, you don’t need to be an expert on these features to help: You can study them and document them at the same time, effectively helping both yourself and others learn more about them.

To view a full list of all properties we will be covering this week, head over to the WPW page, pick one or more properties you find interesting and want to help with and contact the coordinators through the #webplatform IRC Channel or email on the mailing list to ensure you won’t be doing duplicate work. There is always someone willing to help, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions, problems, feedback or just want to say hi!

A huge thank you to everyone who will contribute or has contributed in a previous WPW! WebPlatform.org could not even aspire to be great without this amazing community!

Web Platform Doc Sprint
August 28th 2013, Zurich, Switzerland!

Followers of the WebPlatform.org effort will remember that we ran our groundbreaking first European Web Platform Doc Sprint on February 8-9 in Berlin, Germany. This went down well, and a lot of good work was done on the CSS property and API documentation. The latest good news is that we are running another Doc Sprint — this time in Zurich, Switzerland, on August 28th!

Our new Doc Sprint is being run to coincide with Switzerland’s premier front end developer conference, Frontend Conference Zurich, which happens in the two days after the sprint. Use this as a great opportunity to attend a great conference, and make a great contribution to front end web documentation, all in one trip!

Aims of the Doc Sprint

Logo of Web Platform Doc Sprint

Doc Sprints are great places to have a great and geeky time, make new
friends, and meet old ones. At this event:

  • Beginners will learn how to get started as WebPlatform.org contributors
  • Those more experienced can dive in and make great uninterrupted progress on content
  • Great new ideas will form and grow through collaboration, including demos, plugins and more
  • Bugs will get fixed on the spot
  • Food and drinks (including but not limited to: beer) will be provided throughout the day
  • Swag will be tossed into the crowds
  • Winners will be crowned and prizes raffled away
  • A lot of fun is waiting for attendees!

The main focus topics at this event will be CSS properties and HTML elements/DOM, but if you would rather work on something else inside the WebPlatform.org documentation remit, we are more than happy to accommodate you! If you want to check up on what is ok to work on and suggest ideas, please tell us via the public mailing list.

Doc Sprint Venue and Sponsors

This Doc Sprint is organized by Adobe and being held at the awesome Colab Zurich, who are hosting the event as a sponsor and contributor to WebPlatform.org. Find full address details and directions on their website at http://colab-zurich.ch.

Sign me up!

Please sign up for the event at our Eventbrite page. We are looking forward seeing you in late August in Switzerland!

Web Platform Wednesday, Week 9: Layout

Last week we decided to take a small break to give everyone a rest and let you enjoy the holidays, so this week we are coming back in full force to tackle the next batch of CSS properties. This week, we will be focusing on layout based properties, which are fundamentally the foundation properties of all websites.

These properties that we will be covering, range from padding and size to positioning properties such as top, left, right, bottom and float. If you aren’t too familiar with these properties, here are some great reference materials on some of the CSS properties.




To view all the properties that we will be covering this week, head on over to the Web Platform Wednesday page and see where you can help. If you find any properties that you want to help contribute to, have any questions or even not sure, come and chat with the co-ordinators in the #webplatform IRC Channel or via email on the mailing list, as there is always someone who will be happy to help.

Until next week, happy documenting!