Intel Joins Web Platform Stewards

We are overwhelmed by all the interest and active participation Web Platform Docs has garnered so far. We’ve had many organizations ask about becoming a steward in order to help make sure the site lives up to its potential.

We’re pleased to announce today that Intel is the first company to sign on as a new steward since the initial alpha announcement.

Intel has demonstrated their long-standing commitment to standards, open source software projects, and education, and has been a W3C member for many years. We are excited that they are extending their commitment as a Web Platform Docs steward.

People who use Web Platform Docs want to know how to build web apps that perform well across devices and architectures. Intel brings to the table a lot of experience with different systems, and has indicated their plans to contribute to our documentation.

As we continue to improve the site, refine our infrastructure and build up content in preparation for our formal launch, we anticipate many more stewards will sign on, and we are grateful that Intel is the first of these. We actively invite other organizations to consider joining Intel, along with Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, and Opera, as a steward of You can find out more on our stewards page.

Welcome, Intel, and thank you for your support!

Update: Intel has announced their own developer site, the Intel® HTML5 Zone. Over the coming months, we will work with Intel to pool our resources to best effect for Web Platform Docs, and for Web developers. We are very excited about this relationship. You can read more on the Intel news bulletin.


Live examples coming soon

Many of you have asked for live code examples that allow you to tweak the code and observe what happens. We agree that a feature like this would be of huge educational value and are actively working on providing it.

We plan to use a hosted (and probably customized) version of dabblet, an open source project built by yours truly. We decided to use dabblet because it’s a mature project that has been extensively tested in the community by a couple thousand users every day for almost a year, and because of its unique features, such as its CSS value previewers.

Before we integrate dabblet with WPD, we will need to make a few changes to it and add some features, most of which will be pushed to the website as well. The most significant of these changes is adding JavaScript integration, a long overdue feature. Also, we’ll have to fix a few bugs, improve cross-browser support, and strengthen security.

This work will take some time, but we are confident that when it’s out you will agree with us that it was absolutely worth it.