Spreading the News

Since we launched on Monday, we’ve seen a number of different ways people are getting the message out about WPD: blogs, news articles, tweets, press releases, and more. Alex Komoroske, Peter Lubbers, and Scott Rowe—all with Google—have put together a 30 minute video that’s a tour of our effort. This includes an overview of the site, a history of the content, instructions about getting started, possible future features, answers to viewers’ questions and much more. Take a look:

Have you used any unusual methods of telling friends and colleagues about WPD? Keep it legal, and keep it friendly, and let us know what weird ways you’re delivering the news about our site.

4 thoughts on “Spreading the News

  1. I don’t need a tour of the website on how the resource is structured or can be navigated and searched.. Google does that for me and 99.9% of developers searching for answers ask Google. So it is critical that the solution to my problem is indexed by Google and put top notch by relavancy, rating with positive backlinks and vintage. Many blogs, many years old, have the solution to problems seldom occurred, but oh so important at the time you need it.. is this new blog taking into account that this centralizing of information for developers will have to aggregate all old solutions to problems many have all forgotten.. forget it, I can go on for hours..